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Construction of corporate identification.

by Daniela Gonzalez january 9th 2020

Let's start by defining, What is corporate identity? Is the message set of the organization that transmit their identity through media and remain conscious or unconsciously in public.

Now, how these messages are constructed ?, What it is the content that lead? All this is part of the management of brand communication, it is essential to know, who or what is the brand? And who will receive this message? In order to develop the discourse that will identify the corporation of others.

You cannot create an institutional discourse if you are not clear about an objective, what will I communicate and to whom will I communicate it? If this will create a concept of my brand, company, institution or myself in the case of personal branding, It is necessary to be very careful or to define well the values with which I want to be identified or remembered and that I reach the people that I want to be remembered, by the means that adapt to the value I promote, I cannot say that I am a company Green when I deliver paper flyers (not recycled) whose life cycle will be short. Everything must fit like a clock, in perfect harmony.