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User, the center of all.

by Ernesto Velazquez april 14th 2020

Currently we live in a very diverse society, in a globalized world where, thanks to the internet, we have an infinite number of options to choose from, brands that apparently sell the same products or services but that must differentiate in a certain way to gain the trust of customers.

That is why accessibility, ease of use and those tools that help the user to carry out certain actions are becoming increasingly important in business.

For all this, it is necessary to understand the user, which is the individual who uses an object, device or a service and when doing this, at that moment, an interaction is established between the product-service and the individual. This interaction may be good or bad, depending on the experience that this person has had when trying to carry out the task that they thought our product-service would solve.

The success of a product-service depends on the acceptance of the users, therefore, it is necessary to create that link to achieve optimal experiences. If the products-services were not intended for the users who will consume them, they will hardly work in the best way