Black&BoldBlog • The cost of brand silence

The cost of brand silence.

by Daniela Gonzalez may 30th 2018

As we have said, the communication of brands is essential to generate a user experience and thus get to position ourselves or create loyalty with the customer. Having a good management in the communication strategy also issues a message of disinterest towards the client, in the company itself (employees) and in the best case a bad image.

When the interaction of the brand is face-to-face, the way in which the tone and accent of the voice is asked or answered, facial expression and context would indicate a cordial relationship, a competitive attitude, formal business relationships or informal, etc. But even by silence, it stops responding to the message. And hence the impression that our client will take, the experience he will have with the brand.

Absence of communication strategy, can represent indifference, anger and lack of interest to engage in dialogue with another person, since all behavior is communication, if we take time to respond to emails, messages on social networks, we are offering poor customer service and a Terrible image, with this I do not say that a battle is followed when someone wants to attack us on Facebook, these types of situations must be treated differently, which will be treated later, this specific case refers to when there is customer interest and It is not given an answer or when we pass up a topic of relevance for the company in the context in which it is lived, crisis, change of direction in the business strategy, rotation of senior managers and even we can put an investment at risk.