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Custom design.

by Daniela Gonzalez july 17th 2018

In bullfighting, dressing the suit of lights is a ceremonial ritual, the clothing is made exactly to the bullfighter's size, each piece is a work of art, the embroidery is taken care of in every detail to achieve a spectacular gala for the killer do his job on stage.

In the same way it should be the work of building the corporate or brand visual identity, a thorough and strictly elaborated work for each company, the same should not be done for two clients with different needs just to follow a trend, for example, we could not put a piece of meat in the identifier symbol of a butcher shop and also for a medical clinic, who would go to this clinic ?, it is necessary to create something of your own.

A client once told me, why should I hire you if I can find 3 more like you outside, to which I replied my work goes beyond offering a graphic, my work goes from previous work, research, analysis, the diagnosis and the strategy to be able to communicate graphically something as subjective as the values, the mission, vision, the projection in the future and in passing the taste of the accountant, the secretary or those who think about the work.

The design goes beyond a stroke to the taste of the designer or the mood with which it dawns, it is a graphic expression of the ideals of a product or corporation, everything is based on a good diagnosis based on analysis and research and a definition of strategy meticulous, to set the way forward and define the work plan, and thus, everything works as a mechanism, which fits perfectly according to what the company requires or wants to communicate.