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Corporate Identity: the nonverbal language of companies.

by Daniela Gonzalez april 18th 2018

When we start a business, company or project, we want or bet for the product to be successful, we create the best formulas and look for the best materials, we make financial projections in the short, medium and long term, we make sure we have market share, but We often downplay important elements such as the basic identifying sign (commonly called logo) and its rules of application, we believe it is something insignificant or simple, we leave it to the "cousin of a friend", "to the brother-in-law's son who He knows how to move the program ”, and in the worst case,“ how do I get in paint ”.

Why downplay the face that our product will give to the market? Why do we strive to make the product the best but your "face" sometimes leaves much to be desired? Doesn't he deserve the same care? It could be a laborious job destined to fail. Would we leave the construction of a house to an accountant? If a product is like a child, who wants an ugly child? We leave the cake cherry in the wrong hands.

Corporate identity is like the foundation of a construction, how do I want my brand to be? How do I want to be seen in 3, 5 or 10 years? It is and will be part of the image of the product, the company and of oneself.

If our image speaks for itself, what would the image of our product say at this time? But above all, what would we like him to say?