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Brands we see, messages we don't know.

by Daniela Gonzalez april 18th 2018

All humans communicate through writing, words, sounds and signals, but we also communicate with body language, silence and gestures have a meaning as well.

Brands and companies have life. They breathe, live and feel. They convey emotions, confidence, belonging, give us security and give us values.

They communicate as human beings, the packaging, the use of the product, the points of sale, the advertising, the e-commerce, social networks, exhibition, the behavior of the sellers, the employees and the history behind the product, all this is It becomes a user experience, the true value and part of the purchase decision.

The absence of a message also communicates, anger, disinterest, apathy, this deficiency could cause a bad relationship and even the breakdown in communication between company-client, boss-employee, employee-employee or at all levels. It is here that we find the value of internal and external communication of brands.

The care of a strategy adapted to the needs of each client is of vital importance for the corporate image.

“One cannot not communicate”.
Paul Watzlawick.